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Fibernet, because faster is better!

It's a jet propelled Internet like you've never seen, thanks to our state-of-the-art fiber optic network. You can get download speeds that are dozens of times faster than dial up.

You'll Practically own the internet!


Foothills Communications Invites You To The Neighborhood Entertainment Network.

As a digital customer, you'll get over 200 channels in digital quality sound with a crystal clear picture. Your viewing adventure doesn't stop there. You'll also have Music Choice channels and an HD lineup that includes local channels and more!


Telephone Service You Can Depend On 24/7!

Local has never been so valuable. With the fast pace that we live in, you just don't have time to be put on hold. Foothills Communications is just down the road from you. If a trip to the office isn't possible, we're just a click or a phone call away.


Foothills offers a comprehensive line of cutting edge communication solutions to keep your business moving forward, and at the forefront of competitors.

Just ask us: Is it possible? Well, let's discuss it and see. We are always striving to bring you what you want in the latest and greatest technologies and services available.

Welcome to Foothills

Foothills Telephone Cooperative has a very simple mission statement. Our company goal is: "To provide the latest in communications at affordable prices with exceptional service".

We are your neighbors you see at the grocery, your local sporting events, at church, at the doctor's office, and all around town. We are customers ourselves which is why we strive to bring the best service your way with the lowest prices.

We are part of our ever growing neighborhood network and take pride in bringing the best of the world home to you.

  • Bringing fiber technology to your local communities
  • Making advanced services possible in our rural areas of eastern Kentucky

We are thrilled to bring you advanced services through our fiber network. Our plan is to keep expanding our network until every customer we serve has access to advanced services. Smart Home technology is on our radar. Imagine being able to unlock your doors or adjust the thermostat in your home while you’re at work. Now that’s exciting!

General Manager / CEO, Ruth Conley



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